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Strategic insight comes from keen observation

That strategic insight comes from keen observation of the market place is an oft repeated dictum that few follow. However, every once in a while one comes across an example that exemplifies it. Here is a great example courtesy India Today:
While coming back from Dalhousie last year, thanks to a cancelled flight, Deepak Puri, the chairman of Moser Baer, was forced to take a train. At Pathankot, two push carts were selling his CDs. Business was brisk, and they managed to sell quite a few. A few months later, at an upmarket store in Delhi’s Khan Market, Puri discovered that the shopkeeper stacked only two of his titles. The reason: he would make a fatter margin—Rs 150 on a Rs 300 CD compared to Rs 8 on Moser Baer’s Rs 28 CD.“To make the same margin, I’d have to sell 18 of these CDs”, he told Puri.

Back in office, Puri immediately called his marketing executives and decided to restrategise. This involved selling his CDs in push carts in high-cost low-space areas, a model that has become a…

Murdoch says this century belongs to India, China!

In the first of his Boyer Lecture series, Rupert Murdoch, the media maven who now controls the Wall Street Journal said that India and China will emerge from economic back waters to economic powers to reckon with.

Here is the link to download the lecture

Murdoch was one of the pioneers to see the opportunity in India. His company bought STAR TV when no one believed that there was money to be made in India and China. Today STAR TV Asia has more than 300 million viewers and is one of the largest media companies in India!