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Beef Bruhaha Hits Home

The beef bruhaha hit home this weeek when my little daughters school sent this notice
“Dear Parents/Guardians:
Late Monday afternoon, we received notice from the State Department of Education that Hopewell Valley may have beef in stock that has been recalled from the Hallmark/Westland Meat Company. We just now (10 a.m.) confirmed that we have six 20 lb boxes of this beef in stock but it was not in use. Ms. Hood, our food service manager, stopped serving suspected ground beef products immediately upon hearing the national news story just as a precaution. We could not confirm the presence of this beef until the SDOE issued identification numbers late Monday.”
This time, my concern was not for my own daughter - we are vegetarians and therefore have not been affected by the recall. But earlier it was the spinach from California that was found to be causing sickness.

While all the focus at USDA has been around preventing contaminated food coming into US from abroad, it seems it is our …