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Building a Bookshelf - A personal experience

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I am not much of a handy man, so building a bookshelf seemed like a big deal to me. However, a quick look on the web told me that its a project that I could easily complete on my own. Well, I have built one now, and I would like to share my experience and directions to build one for you the reader.

A Visit To The Sleep Center

I always thought that snoring was like a rite of passage into middle-age-hood - something thats to be endured - but while I thought of it as being inconsequential, my wife thought otherwise. So, on her own she decided to take me to the "sleep doctor". First I thought it was the "Sleepy" mattress salesperson, but when I saw that we were pulling into a medical clinic, it opened my eyes (no pun intended) to this branch of medicine that focuses on sleep disorders!

Quickly I found out that the doctor wasn't just going to give me some nasal strips and let me go home - no sir - first I had to go to the Sleep Center and figure out scientifically if I had any thing else going on. So, I get a prescription to spend a night in their prescribed Sleep Center. Yesterday, I did just that.

The experience in the sleep center was an interesting one. I showed up at the appointed hour, 9 pm to be precise, with a couple of DVDs and some reading material, prepared to stay busy if…