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Decluttering your desk

I am as much a fan of technology as the next person. However, all these wires emanating from all the various gadgets have always bothered me much. My solution to this has been, to tie together the wires emerging from a device and roll them into a small bundle keeping only the necessary length. However, with a modem, a splitter, a VOIP box, two power sources, a printer and other assorted gadgets, the floor under my table has always exhasperated me. Until now. Today, I came across this beautiful site by Van Mardian where Van explains how he managed to declutter his desk. Just take a look at this photo by Van, and then click on it to go to his site. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Photo credit: Van Mardian

Of course, I haven't implemented the solution yet, but this will be one of my summer projects, along with cleaning the garage!