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Last week in the news

Well, it seems that the last week was all about disasters..natural, and man made.

First, the whole world seems to be talking about how Rita was going to devastate the southern region of the wealthiest country on earth. Washington Post, NY Times, Google News, all seem to have Rita related news, when Rita was relatively milder cousin of Katrina. Meanwhile, no one seem to give a hoot about flooding in India.
There are storms brewing in the bay of Bengal. Relief Web has a map that describes the situation. Just click the picture.
Southern India had the worst floods in decades. Villages south of Hyderabad (in Andhra Pradesh) was under water. 56 people are reported killed. Hyderabad, in the Indian Silicon Valley also was hit badly and its image as a modern city to set up operations of foreign companies has also taken a hit.

City of Ahmedabad is also under water. We have not been able to make contact with my brother-in-law in Ahmedabad. Phone lines are down, mobile is also out, and we…

Sounds of Varanasi

Sri Krishna Tea & Book Stall has posted a review of a new book about to hit the stands. The book is a collaborative effort between Robert Svoboda, DJ Cheb i Sabbah and Namrupa publishing. SoulJerky has posted the soundscapes of Varanasi here which I found particularly interesting. They literally bring the life in the city of Varanasi to your door step.

I highly recommend this book to any one interested in Indian culture. I know I am getting a copy!